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Lawyer For Louisiana Aircraft Mechanics Who Experienced Workplace Exposure To Asbestos In Louisiana

Louisiana aircraft mechanics from both military specialties and civilian roles are at higher risk for mesothelioma, especially if they worked in the field prior to the 1980s.

Even after better regulations were adopted to help protect the public from asbestos exposure, those whose job it was to repair or retrofit aircraft built before those regulations were likely to continue to work in contaminated hangars and handle asbestos-contaminated components.

Asbestos was widely used in aircraft because it reduced the risk of dangerous fires from moving parts that generate a lot of heat during use.

As an insulator, asbestos also helped ensure that electrical components didn’t become dangerous.

Brakes, in particular, experience sudden, high heat situations, and brake pads for aircraft routinely used asbestos as a component.

Lawsuit Compensation and Benefits For Aircraft Mechanics And Their Families Who Are Suffering Because Of Mesothelioma

Asbestos was also widely used in the materials and tools that aircraft mechanics in Louisiana used.

The glues and epoxies used throughout aircraft were often mixtures that included asbestos, and asbestos blankets were frequently enlisted to protect equipment during maintenance.

All of these together created a work environment riddled with small, rigid fibers of asbestos that easily become and stay airborne, where they can be inhaled or swallowed by workers.

They can then become stuck in body tissues, where over the course of years and even decades, nearby cells can become cancerous in response.

One form of asbestos-caused cancer is mesothelioma, and nearly all cases in the United States can be linked back to contaminated worksites.

If you spent your career keeping America’s fleet of aircraft operating safely only to have developed mesothelioma later in life, you have rights to compensation for your workplace-related injury.

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