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In the last five years, have you had hip replacement surgery?

Have you been in pain since the surgery?  Have you noticed swelling in the hip area or had problems even walking?  Or, perhaps you even had to have a second replacement hip surgery?

If so, there could be a very good reason; the hip replacement parts that might have been used during your surgery may have been defective.

My name is Mike Gertler.  I’m a New Orleans Defective Product Lawyer and partner with the Gertler Law Firm based in New Orleans.  And this law firm has helped a large number of individuals in Louisiana with product liability issues…. just like this.

I’d like to give you a brief overview of this hip replacement recall and explain what options you have if your hip replacement resulted in further complications – or you even had to have a second surgery.

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of the hip replacement system in question, just announced a recall on a number of the parts used for its artificial hip.  And there are more than 93,000 people impacted by this recall.

It’s normal for a person to be in pain, see swelling in the hip and leg area, and have difficulty walking following hip replacement surgery.  What is not normal is for these problems to continue for long periods of time, or to have such pain that you must repeatedly return to the doctor’s office.

In some cases, patients even required a second hip-replacement surgery to replace the first artificial hip.

These symptoms are caused by:

  • A loosening of the implant because it does not stay attached to the bone;
  • Fractures to the bone around the implant because the implant moved around; and
  • A dislocation of the artificial joint, which can prevent you from even walking.

What You Can Do

If you have had hip replacement surgery in the New Orleans area, or elsewhere in the state of Louisiana, and have been in constant pain, had difficulty walking, or had a second hip replacement surgery, I’d like you to do this….

Call my office and let me find out a little more about your hip replacement surgery.  We know who to call to get answers quickly, determine if you have a claim against the manufacturer…and then pursue a claim for you.

Please call our office at 504-581-6411…. if the call is long distance, use our toll-free number at 877-581-6411.

The call or meeting is confidential – and absolutely FREE.

And if we determine that you were a victim of this defective product, and you wish to file a claim, we may do so on your behalf.

For these types of product liability claims, this law firm operates on a contingency fee basis – meaning we do not charge for our services unless we secure a settlement for you or are successful in the courtroom.  And you will also not have to pay for any costs or expenses related to your case if there is no award or settlement.

If you need help, or have questions about a hip replacement surgery, why not call a very experienced defective product attorney – and find out what options you have regarding a defective artificial hip.

I thank you for visiting our website…. and if you need help, please do call.