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Accidental Death Attorneys In New Orleans

Legal Help For A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

As New Orleans wrongful death attorneys, our firm has been advising families on who can file wrongful death lawsuits as well as representing families that have lost a loved one due to the mistakes of an individual or business for more than 35 years, and have been very successful obtaining accidental death lawsuit awards.

To date, we have successfully pursued more than 100 wrongful death claims on behalf of our clients.  However, we do not limit our work to only the New Orleans area.  We’ve helped clients throughout the state of Louisiana, the Southeast and across the country.

My name is Mike Gertler and I am the managing partner of the Gertler Law Firm, one of the most successful Wrongful Death Law Firms in New Orleans.  I’d like to take a moment and share a story with you about a recent accidental death case we pursued for a local family (To protect the family’s identity I’ll use their initials).

I first met Mrs. B shortly after her husband passed away.  He worked at the Orleans Parish Prison and, during his shift, suffered a heart attack.

His co-workers called 911 to request immediate emergency assistance and have paramedics respond to the scene.

You would expect that an emergency response team would take ten minutes or less to respond.  However, in this instance, the ambulance did not arrive on-scene for at least 30 minutes.  Some of his co-workers put it closer to 45 minutes after the first call.

By the time emergency help arrived, Mr. B was unresponsive.  Subsequently, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Mrs. B was devastated by the loss of her husband – and was very emotional at our first meeting.  She was worried about how she was going to pay the bills because her husband had been the primary source of income for her family, his lost pay was really going to hurt.

My initial thoughts were for her well-being – and determining why the emergency response was so slow.

With Leola Anderson, an associate attorney at our firm, I conducted a thorough investigation and decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Mrs. B because this situation met the states Unlawful Death Laws.

During the case, we spoke with Mrs. B regularly about the potential damages she could recover from the accidental death lawsuit and met with her numerous times.

I am happy to say that we were able to obtain a accidental death lawsuit judgement for a significant amount of money for Mrs. B.  Currently, we are planning to file a second lawsuit on her behalf in connection with the execution phase of this suit because the defendant filed bankruptcy to avoid the judgment.

I still talk with Mrs. B regularly – although she is still devastated by the way her husband’s medical emergency was handled, she’s hopeful that another family will not have to endure the same fate.

Examples of Accidental Death

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accident
  • Semi-Truck Accidents
  • Hit While On A Bicycle
  • Hit By A Car or Bus
  • Accident While On A Motorcycle
  • Surgical or Hospital Error
  • Defective products
  • Accident at Work
  • Medication Mistakes

If you have lost a family member to the carelessness of another person – or business – please give us a call as soon as you can so the wrongful death statute of limitations does not come into play.

We’ll provide the same compassion and understanding in your situation, and aggressively pursue those responsible for your loss.

If you need a New Orleans Wrongful Death Lawyer, please call our office at 504-581-6411…. if the call is long distance, use our toll-free number at 877-581-6411.

The call or meeting is confidential – and absolutely FREE.

No Charge Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If we move forward on your case, this firm operates on a contingency fee basis – meaning we do not charge for our services unless we secure a settlement for you or are successful in the courtroom.  You will also not have to pay for any costs or expenses related to your case if there is no award or settlement.

If you would like to review common questions we’ve answered about wrongful death lawsuits, see these FAQ’s.

I thank you for visiting our website…. and if you need help regarding the unnecessary death of a loved one, please do call.

For more information on this subject, see the Wrongful Death information detailed at the Louisiana Civil Code Section 2512.2 on wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Attorney Mike Gertler