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At the Gertler Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys always look forward to hearing from our clients after a successful case.

Over the last three decades, we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of injury victims, many of whom write to us expressing their appreciation.

Just below, we’ve published a few thoughts that our past clients have shared with us. We hope it gives you a better idea of who we are…. and what can we do for you.

Our family was very happy with the way the Gertler firm handled our case.  You see, my mother developed mesothelioma from washing my dad’s asbestos-contaminated work clothes.  She subsequently died from this disease.  The Gertler law firm took care of everything and even tried our case to a verdict.

We got a very successful result.  Our family was extremely pleased with the firm, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other mesothelioma victims and their families.

Marie – Mesothelioma Case

I’ve been dealing with the generations of Gertlers since 1974.  Every case that I had with them was very successful, and was handled professionally.  I would recommend the firm, and I have, in fact, referred many people to them over the years.  All have been satisfied with the firm.  I recommend them highly.

Reverand Larry B. – Various Cases including Auto Accidents

I could never say enough about the firm.  Everything the Gertler firm have done for us was performed in a perfect, professional way.  We’re very indebted to the firm because of the work they’ve done for us.

I have recommended them to quite a few people and will never ever choose anybody else for legal services even though I know other attorneys in New Orleans.  They are very detailed in everything that they do including meeting with the clients.  My medical malpractice case was a very intricate case and the firm handled it wonderfully.

Rosemary T. – Medical Malpractice Case

The Gertler Law Firm has provided legal services to me on two occasions.  The law firm has always been very courteous and efficient.   It is a firm that I would recommend and have already recommended to others.  I feel confident and comfortable that anything they say they will do will be accomplished.

They do not take advantage of you or manipulate the system.  Also, the staff at the law firm is really nice.  It’s been a good experience working with the Gertler firm and I can’t see myself dealing with any other law firm.  If you have a problem, call the Gertler firm.  I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

Josh M. – Auto Accident

While in her fifties, my wife was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal cancer of the lung.  She later died from this disease.   I needed help and went to the Gertler Law Firm to find out about my rights.

The Gertler firm took our case and handled it with great care and compassion.  The attorneys worked hard, and they achieved incredible rights for me and my children.  I strongly recommend the Gertler law firm to other mesothelioma victims and their families.  The Gertler firm will take care of you too.

Edward M. – Mesothelioma Case

I went to the Gertler firm for help because I was diagnosed with an asbestos lung disease.  The Gertler law firm took care of me and saw my case through to a successful conclusion.

The attorneys at the law firm kept me well informed and did a great job.  I highly recommend them to anyone who has an asbestos claim.

Mark S. – Asbestos Lung Disease Case

Quite frankly, the Gertler firm saved my life.  They walked me through every step in all my lawsuits and took their time to explain everything in detail in order to make the proper decisions.  Endless hours were taken by the firm to explain every document I was to sign.

Also, the staff was wonderful to me and kept me organized and reminded me of all things I needed to be doing.   I owe them my life.  I trust them implicitly.  They are an all-purpose law firm.

Mollie H. – Succession

The situation involved my husband who had mesothelioma.  I can honestly say that the Gertler Law Firm had a lot of empathy and support for my husband’s situation.  They carried us all the way through providing great investigative work for our case.

I especially think highly of Marcia Finkelstein and Lee Plotkin in the firm.  The attorneys would come out to our house in order to not inconvenience us in any way.  Everything was handled as well as it possibly could in a situation like that.

I’m very well pleased with the way our case was handled.  I think highly of the firm and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. It was the compassion, empathy, and kindness the Gertler firm showed as we were going through a very tough time that I’ll remember.

Bobbie S. – Mesothelioma Case

My husband died from mesothelioma.  When he first learned of his diagnosis, it was a horrible shock.  We did not know what to do.  We did not think we would do anything, because we had never been involved in a lawsuit.  But my brother suggested I call the Gertler firm.  I had worked as a legal secretary, so I was familiar with the firm’s great reputation.

I did call them and they came through for us in a way I never dreamed possible.  Their attorneys, especially Marcia Finkelstein who mostly handled the case, were so caring and respectful of our family and our situation.  They worked in a thorough, efficient, professional manner, not letting anything slip through the cracks.

The settlement they got for us exceeded our wildest expectations.  I have recommended the firm to others.  The firm did an amazing job.  My husband’s illness was terrible and his loss devastating to our family, but the Gertler firm made things a little easier for us at this tragic time.

Carolyn W. – Mesothelioma Case

Although we do not live in New Orleans, the Gertler Law Firm came highly recommended to handle my husband’s mesothelioma case.  They left no stone unturned as they did all the research necessary to insure that we had a solid claim.

They tackled each obstacle with tenacity and kept us apprised of the progress with regular reports.  The attorneys treated our case as if it were their own.  Although no amount of money can replace a spouse, I have financial peace because of the generous settlement they negotiated on our behalf.

Lori W. – Mesothelioma Case

My husband and I have been clients of the Gertler firm for many years.   The reason I am writing this statement is to let everyone know that this firm holds its clients in the highest regard, we were always treated with respect, and our cases did not drag on.  Judge Gertler and Mike Gertler were always well informed and, in every situation, they did the very best for us.

Lillian M. – Auto Accidents

I am a former president of UFCW Local 1101 at the Domino Sugar Refinery in Chalmette, Louisiana.  The Gertler Law Firm has represented this union on and off for about 30 years.  They have always done a tremendous job for us, especially considering that, during a lot of this time, it has not been easy for organized labor in this country.

The firm, including Mike Gertler, Louis Gertler and Marcia Finkelstein, have achieved arbitration results that, to my knowledge, have never been achieved before.  Some of these decisions are being used to help organized labor all over the country, and in parts of Europe.

In fact, the Gertler firm won over 90% of the arbitrations during my time at the union.  The attorneys with the Gertler Law Firm have also been my friends, not just my lawyers.  They are an outstanding law firm.

James R. – Former Labor Union President

Past personal injury verdicts and settlements should not be interpreted as a guarantee or prediction of how your case will be resolved.

However, we do promise that our injury lawyers will show the same compassion, understanding and legal skills that have served our clients so well over the years.