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Lawsuit Compensation and Benefits for Louisiana Workers of River Bend Power Plant Who Have Been Diagnosed With Or Died From Mesothelioma

There is good reason to believe that power plant workers are at a higher risk for developing mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases than members of the general public are.

Though the River Bend Power Plant in St. Francisville came online in the 1980s, when awareness of the dangers of asbestos was becoming widespread, the risks inherent in power generation made asbestos an important material in the construction of the facility.

As an electrical insulator and fireproofing agent, asbestos was used across industries to improve safety in factories and other settings, but with the extreme risks to people and property posed by a nuclear generation facility, safety equipment and measures had to be of a higher order.

Mesothelioma Attorney For River Bend Power Plant Employees And Their Families Exposed To Asbestos

Power plants like River Bend frequently had components made of or with asbestos in a number of applications, including gaskets, turbines, insulation, fire doors, and components like furniture and work surfaces.

While extremely useful in various capacities, the danger of asbestos arises from its composition.

The mineral’s structure is a dense network of small interwoven fibers, and as components degrade or are damaged, those fibers break loose in a cloud of airborne dust.

When this dust is inhaled, the fibers can infiltrate deep into the lungs, where over many years, they can cause normal cells in the body to become cancerous.

If you worked at the River Bend Power Plant in St. Francisville, Louisiana, and have developed mesothelioma, you should know two things.

First, mesothelioma is only caused by exposure to asbestos, and second, the vast majority of asbestos exposure in the United States happens on the job.

Aside from employee exposure, many family members of workers in contaminated sites have developed mesothelioma through second-hand exposure to asbestos fibers carried home on clothing and skin.

There is help when you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma after working at the River Bend Power Plant in St. Francisville.

The experienced Louisiana mesothelioma attorneys at The Gertler Law Firm work with families like yours to get the compensation you deserve.

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