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Louisiana Law and Succession: What
Does Your Family Do Next?

Have you and your family recently lost a loved one?   Dealing with a family member’s death is one of the toughest and most traumatic events we all will face.   Unfortunately, families have to balance grieving their loss with handling their loved one’s estate.   The process of probating a will in Louisiana is known as Succession.   Allow us to tell you and your family more about this proceeding.

A succession is a Louisiana legal proceeding where an estate’s beneficiaries and heirs are recognized, the will is probated and the estate’s property is identified.   Succession can seem daunting – especially when you and your family are dealing with the shock of your loved one’s loss.

That is where we at the Gertler Law Firm come in.   We have been handling successions for years and can partner with you in completing and fulfilling your loved one’s wishes.

While probating your family member’s estate, we can transfer the following items into a succession:

  • Property
  • Money and Related Accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Businesses
  • Stocks and Bonds

We have over 30 years of experience assisting families in settling their loved one’s estate and related documents, and we would count it as a privilege to meet with you and to discuss you and your family’s individual situation.

Is A Louisiana Succession Really Needed?

The simple answer is yes.   Successions are needed to notify third parties, like banks and buyers, that you do have legal title to your loved one’s property.   The court will then issue to you and your family a judgment of possession that conclusively grants you and your family title and ownership to the deceased’s assets.

Will You and Your Family Contact Us Today?

My team and I understand how important it is for you and your family to grieve the loss of your loved one.   Therefore, we can handle all of your family member’s legal and estate issues as smoothly and easily as possible for you.   Call us at 504-581-6411 or toll free today at (877) 581-6411. You will not be disappointed.