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No, not at all. If you’ve developed mesothelioma in New Orleans but were exposed to asbestos while working in another state, your lawyer will work with you to build your claim, then take care of the out-of-state work.

If you case goes to trial, it’s possible that you could have to travel to testify, but the vast majority of mesothelioma cases are resolved outside of court, and many are resolved through a claims process with asbestos trusts and other entities created to see that people like you are properly compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained.


In New Orleans, The Gertler Law Firm was the first in Louisiana to win an award in a mesothelioma case linking asbestos exposure to the disease, and we’ve represented countless families and individuals in the decades since.

You employer, knowingly or not, exposed you to a dangerous carcinogen in the workplace, and has obligations to help provide for your care in the aftermath.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 to talk to an experienced mesothelioma lawyer in New Orleans for free.

Yes, even if the company you worked for is no longer in business, there are avenues for collecting the compensation that mesothelioma sufferers deserve.

Since mesothelioma is only caused by exposure to asbestos, and the vast majority of asbestos exposure occurs in the workplace, occupational exposure is the largest contributor to mesothelioma in the country.

By working with an experienced mesothelioma attorney, we can help you determine whether your previous employer created an asbestos trust before it went out of business, or whether pursuing claims against asbestos manufacturers is more likely to produce a positive outcome.

Many companies that relied on asbestos, and sickened their workers, were forced to create substantial funding mechanisms to provide for their employees who became sick with asbestos-related diseases later.

This is true for asbestos manufacturers as well.


Even though the company you worked for is no more, you still have a valid claim for compensation when you’ve developed mesothelioma in New Orleans.

The lawyers at The Gertler Law Firm can help you get the funds and resources you deserve.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 to talk to an experienced mesothelioma attorney for free.

Yes, it is still possible to get compensation for mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other asbestos-related diseases even if you’re not sure where or when you were exposed.

When you work with an experienced New Orleans mesothelioma attorney, we’ll help you backtrack through your work history, places you’ve lived, and other relevant events to pinpoint the locations and likely dates of asbestos exposure, then determine the best path forward.


Sometimes, a lawsuit may be the appropriate way to seek compensation for asbestos-related injuries.

In other cases, filing claims against an asbestos trust created by companies who are known to have injured many people may be the best and fastest way to get the resources you need.

Veterans have still another option if some or all of your asbestos exposure occurred while serving your country.

Lawyers who work in this field understand that over the years and decades, records are lost and memories of specific events and when they occurred get hazy.

The experienced mesothelioma team at The Gertler Law Firm can help you identify where you were exposed and get the compensation you deserve.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation.

Yes, our team is well equipped to help veterans appeal a rejection for VA disability benefits after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

We understand the time-sensitive nature of the appeal, and can help you compile the most thorough documentation and most compelling description of how, when, and where you were exposed to asbestos in the service.

Appeals can be complicated, and require a response to the VA’s Statement of the Case, which provides clarity on why your claim was rejected.

Many people choose to request a personal hearing after their claim is rejected, and as a best practice, you should always have representation when going into any administrative hearing.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping New Orleans vets successfully handle personal hearings with the VA.


If you’ve been denied VA disability benefits after a mesothelioma diagnosis, talk to a lawyer.

The stakes in this situation are very high, and we can help you access the care and resources you need to protect yourself and your family.

Call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 and talk to an experienced New Orleans VA mesothelioma claims attorney for free.

Yes, you are eligible for the VA benefits you’ve earned even if you’re pursuing other avenues for compensation, including lawsuits or claims to an asbestos trust.

Even if you’ve already received an award from a lawsuit or claims process, the VA does not consider that money in making its determination about your eligibility.

VA Disability Compensation is not awarded based on your financial status, income, or assets, so legal awards you may already have obtained have no bearing on your ability to make a claim with the VA.


The VA process can be confusing, and for many, the paperwork that’s necessary to substantiate a claim may have been lost in the years since you left the service.

An experienced VA benefits lawyer can help you track down missing records and documentation that allow you to prove to the VA that your exposure to asbestos happened in the service.

You’ll have access to VA medical centers for treatment, plus other benefits that you have earned.


If you’re a veteran who’s been diagnosed with mesothelioma in New Orleans, call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 and talk to a lawyer for free.

As with any claim, the core of successfully pursuing VA disability benefits based on asbestos exposure is to show that you served, you were exposed to asbestos in the course of your military service, and you have now developed an asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma, as a result of that exposure.

The VA has additional eligibility rules, including that you were not dishonorably discharged.


When you work with an experienced New Orleans mesothelioma attorney to file for VA benefits, the first thing we’ll do is help you reconstruct your service record and necessary paperwork, including your DD 214 discharge paperwork.

Applicants are also required to provide VA with an asbestos exposure summary, so we’ll help you document specific jobs or tasks that you performed, where, and in what capacity, to show that your illness is indeed a result of your time in the service.


There are many advantages to working with someone who knows the VA claims process, including a more complete application and a lower risk of denial.

If you’re a veteran who’s been diagnosed with mesothelioma in New Orleans, contact The Gertler Law Firm today.

Our experienced mesothelioma team can help you get the benefits you’ve earned. Call 504-581-6411 for your free consultation.

Yes, the men and women who served our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict zones are considered to be at higher risk for service-related asbestos exposure.

Because combat frequently involves damage or destruction of buildings, and older buildings include a number of components that were made with asbestos, people in combat zones are frequently exposed to significant levels of airborne asbestos.

It’s a cruel turn of fate that our veterans, having survived war in defense of America’s ideals, may develop battlefield-related diseases later on, even decades later.


For this reason, the VA has set aside special benefits to help vets who’ve suffered injury from exposure to asbestos during their time in the service, whether in combat, occupationally, or otherwise.

The claims process to obtain the benefits you’ve earned can be arduous, and VA requires high standards of evidence as it reviews every claims application.

If you’ve developed mesothelioma, asbestosis, or another asbestos-related disease after serving your country in uniform, get help to get the benefits you’ve earned.

Call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 today to talk to an experienced New Orleans asbestos injury attorney who can help expedite your claims process with the VA.

The VA has defined a range of occupations as likely sources of asbestos exposure, though the list shouldn’t be considered definitive.

Even if you didn’t work in one of these roles, you may still be able to show that you experienced service-related asbestos exposure, such as through serving in any capacity in a combat zone.

For VA claims purposes, special weight is given to the following occupations that service members may have worked in:

  • Mining
  • Demolition of old buildings
  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Milling
  • Insulation installation and removal
  • Servicing brake pads, clutches, and similar
  • Shipyard work


Again, if you did not specifically hold these roles in the military, that doesn’t mean your claim will automatically be denied.

An experienced New Orleans asbestos attorney can help you develop the strongest benefits claim possible by showing where and when you served, what roles you fulfilled, and how you were likely exposed to asbestos in the military.

If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, or other asbestos-related diseases after serving in the military, call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation.


Yes, the VA has established several pathways by which individuals can apply for benefits after being diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, but the process can be daunting.

The standards of evidence for a claim to be approved are high, and if VA denies a claim, a lengthy appeals process can delay the benefits that you are entitled to under the law.


When you work with an experienced New Orleans VA mesothelioma claims lawyer, you can count on your application have the most thorough and compelling evidence to support your claim.

This results in a faster process and a much lower risk of denial. Service members who worked in a variety of roles in their military careers were exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos, sometimes for many years.

The military has recognized its role in causing injury to service members, and has set aside benefits especially for people who’ve developed an asbestos-related disease as a result.


If you’re a veteran in New Orleans who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, or another asbestos-linked disease, get the benefits you are entitled to.

Call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans mesothelioma claims lawyer.

The VA recognizes a number of cancers and other diseases that can be related to asbestos exposure.

The standards of evidence for conditions other than mesothelioma and asbestosis are slightly different, as these two diseases are solely caused by asbestos exposure.

When a veteran with a history of service-related asbestos exposure develops cancer of the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, larynx, pharynx, bronchus, bladder, pleura, or peritoneum, they may be eligible for VA benefits exclusively dedicated to those who were exposed to asbestos.

Aside from cancers, the VA also recognizes a variety of other conditions, including fibrosis, tumors, pleural plaques, and pleural effusions as having a link to asbestos exposure.


To gain access to the VA benefits available to veterans who experienced asbestos exposure in the service, documentary evidence is required, including a doctor declaring that the illness was caused by asbestos.

Drafting a thorough, comprehensive application that details your work history, time in the service, where you were stationed, and the specific jobs you did can be a complex task.

Submitting a complete and compelling claim the first time can save you time and headache by avoiding an appeals process if your claim is rejected.

The lawyers at The Gertler Law Firm are some of New Orleans’s most experienced mesothelioma and asbestos attorneys.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation to learn how you can access benefits and treatment options through the VA.