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Mesothelioma Lawyers For Garyville Refinery Employees

It’s very possible that Marathon Oil would be held responsible for injuries you sustained during your time working for Marathon at the Garyville Refinery in Garyville, Louisiana, even if you only became aware of the injuries years later.

Workers in oil refineries are at heightened risk for asbestos-linked diseases like mesothelioma in Louisiana, and while the Garyville Refinery is not as old as some, it still likely included a number of components constructed from or with asbestos, including ceiling and floor tiles, insulation, and even protective clothing.

Asbestos is famously efficient at fireproofing and insulation, and it also slows down a number of chemical reactions. All of these qualities made it an ideal material in oil refineries, but the health risks of exposure to asbestos only became known later.

Mesothelioma Compensation & Benefits For Marathon-Garyville Refinery Workers

If you’ve been hurt by asbestos exposure from your time working in the Garyville Refinery, you have rights to compensation to protect you and your family from the uncertain future posed by someone else’s negligence.

Employees who are hurt on the job have protections, but when that injury can take decades to develop, you should take all available steps to protect your rights as a former employee at the Garyville Refinery with mesothelioma.

The attorneys at The Gertler Law Firm fight for families who’ve been hurt by negligent employers and left with bills to pay and significant hardship to face. When a member of a family is diagnosed with mesothelioma, or has passed away, we know that the whole family suffers, and we work every day to see that your family has everything it needs to face this diagnosis together.

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