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Mesothelioma Attorney For Conrad Industries Employees

The company built by J. Parker Conrad in Morgan City, Louisiana is one of our state’s real success stories.

By transforming a small seafood company into a giant in shipbuilding, Conrad Industries has employed generations of Louisianans in good times and bad.

Unfortunately, many of those jobs were held before asbestos was banned in the late 1980s, and people who spent years, or their entire careers at Conrad Industries, are now left with a dangerous legacy that can lead to diseases like mesothelioma.

Until the 1980s, asbestos was among the most common materials used both in industrial buildings and in shipbuilding itself. Asbestos has excellent fireproofing abilities, and can also slow down certain chemical reactions that can be dangerous.

Shipboard fires are always a concern, and as Conrad Industries grew to include larger facilities, additional drydocks, and even acquire other shipbuilding companies in the region, its employees were exposed to greater and greater amounts of asbestos.

Once asbestos fibers are inhaled into the lungs or swallowed into the abdomen, they can become lodged in tissue where over the course of many years, they can provoke nearby cells to become cancerous.

This cancer is called is mesothelioma, and when retired workers from Conrad Industries develop mesothelioma, the cause is nearly always workplace exposure while at Conrad.

Mesothelioma Fund Attorneys For Conrad Industries Workers & Contractors

At The Gertler Law Firm, we help Louisiana families get the compensation they deserve when the legacy of an asbestos contaminated workplace, like Conrad Industries, comes back to haunt them years later.

We can make sure that you and your family have the resources you need while you focus on your health. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana mesothelioma lawyer.