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Mesothelioma Attorney For W.R. Grace Site Employees & Nearby Residents

New Orleans and its neighboring parishes comprise a major United States hot spot for mesothelioma, and one of the many reasons for that was the old vermiculite plant at the W.R. Grace & Company site.

Surrounded by commercial, industrial, and residential communities, the W.R. Grace & Company site is thought to have exposed untold thousands to small, rigid fibers of the mineral asbestos. When asbestos fibers are inhaled or swallowed, they can become lodged in small airways or blood vessels, where they stay. Over time, the fibers are thought to cause irritation to the cells around them, and can eventually cause the formation of cancerous tumors, as in mesothelioma.

Legal Help For W.R. Grace Workers & Residents Near The Site With Mesothelioma

While W.R. Grace & Company ceased its New Orleans operations in the late 1980s, it left a toxic, and in many cases, a deadly legacy of contamination and exposure to employees and contract workers, but to nearby residents, tourists and shoppers as well.

If you grew up near the W.R. Grace & Company site and have now developed mesothelioma, it may be possible to link your disease directly to the negligent decisions made by the company, and get the help you need to fight mesothelioma.

While most cases of mesothelioma occur in the elderly, and can be traced to work at asbestos-contaminated job sites, there are a surprising number of mesothelioma cases in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, of younger adults who lived in neighborhoods that were, in effect, downwind of an asbestos-contaminated W.R. Grace site.

No one should be victimized by another’s negligence, but when children bear the brunt of bad decisions made by far-off corporate leaders, action has to be taken. At The Gertler Law Firm, we see to it that people who’ve been hurt get the compensation they need to fight back. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 and speak to an experienced attorney for free, if you or a family member has been diagnosed, or has died from, mesothelioma and worked or lived near the W.R. Grace site.