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Medical Treatment For Mesothelioma

It’s an unfortunate truth that for many people in New Orleans and Louisiana, health insurance remains unaffordable, or that sick people find out too late that the plan they have is inadequate to achieve the kind of care they require. When that happens to people suffering from mesothelioma from toxic exposure to asbestos, you have a right to know your options.

Free Healthcare For Mesothelioma Victims That Are Military Veterans

First, many veterans of America’s armed services are in a high-risk group for mesothelioma, and may have access to VA care. Mesothelioma is recognized as a service-related illness by the Veterans Administration. Eligible veterans are entitled to see cancer specialists throughout the VA system, including mesothelioma specialists, and may be eligible for inclusion in clinical trials where cutting edge treatments and procedures can make a difference. Veterans with mesothelioma are also entitled to full disability compensation, and their families will be entitled to compensation if the disease proves fatal.

Free Health Care For Mesothelioma Patients In Louisiana

For those who did not serve in the Armed Forces, or those whose exposure to asbestos happened at a different point in their career, there are still free options for medical care to treat mesothelioma and provide compensation for you and your family. Under the Affordable Care Act, subsidized or free private health insurance may be available to you, and you cannot be turned down based on your mesothelioma diagnosis, or any other preexisting condition. Louisiana’s Medicaid program is a public health program designed to facilitate healthcare options for low-income people in the state. Eligibility is complex, but the attorneys at the Gertler Law Firm can help ensure that you have the help you need to fight back against cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Attorneys In Louisiana That Can Help

When you’re fighting mesothelioma, get the best help on your side. From access to affordable healthcare in Louisiana for the treatment of mesothelioma, to a level of compensation that will protect your family in the years ahead, the Gertler Law Firm can give you all the options you’ll need. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana mesothelioma attorney.

Clinical Trials For Mesothelioma Drugs in Louisiana

Because mesothelioma is an especially dangerous cancer that has a very high mortality rate, researchers are constantly searching for novel approaches to treat it. There are ongoing clinical trials for techniques like gene therapy and immunotherapy all the time, and many patients in Louisiana may be eligible to participate in some or all of these trials.

Eligibility requirements will vary widely, depending on the phase of the clinical trial (Phase I trials use a very small sample size, while Phase III trials can include hundreds or thousands of patients) and the specific effects being studied. Your mesothelioma specialist can help you understand the risks and potential benefits of the trials that are open right now, and connect you with a trial that may provide benefit to you.

As with all experimental treatments, there are risks to be considered. Clinical trials are sometimes only open to those for whom traditional treatments will offer little or no benefit. The type and stage of your mesothelioma cancer will be a factor, as will your overall health and whether you have other conditions that may make it difficult for researchers to draw conclusions about the effect of the treatment.

There may also be costs associated with joining a clinical trial, including travel costs and things like lab work, scans, and other incidentals.

At the Gertler Law Firm, we understand that your fight against mesothelioma is a fight for your life, and that lack of funds shouldn’t limit your ability to take advantage of every possible breakthrough.

When you face mesothelioma in Louisiana, call our experienced mesothelioma attorneys at (504) 581-6411 to learn how you can have all the resources you need to fight back against asbestos-caused cancer.

Clinical trials exploring novel treatments to mesothelioma are a source of great hope for people who’ve been diagnosed with the disease, and the cancer specialists who treat them. From examining the effects of gene therapies, immune-based therapies, or new surgical techniques to help prolong life or beat mesothelioma outright, people dealing with mesothelioma in Louisiana may find that clinical trials are an appropriate avenue in their treatment plan.

There are usually some out-of-pocket costs associated with clinical trials, but depending on your insurance policy, these may amount to a very small amount of money, or a more prohibitive expense. Things like blood work, imaging, testing, and hospital stays may or may not be covered by insurance. In addition, many clinical trials are conducted at hospitals and research centers outside of Louisiana, and travel costs usually won’t be covered for participants. When costs are a hurdle in participating in a clinical trial, there may be resources to help support you as you support important research.

At the Gertler Law Firm, we ensure that our clients have access to the funds they need to fight back against mesothelioma – and protect their families down the road. Our team of experienced mesothelioma attorneys can connect you to the resources you need, whether through existing compensation trusts or litigation against former employers.

Money should not be a factor holding you back from potentially life saving treatments for mesothelioma. When you’re fighting asbestos-related cancers in Louisiana, call the Gertler Law Firm at (504) 581-6411 to learn how you can get the compensation you deserve, and the best healthcare options available.

Because of the relatively small number of individuals who are diagnosed with mesothelioma in Louisiana, there are not dedicated mesothelioma treatment centers in the state.

When you’re diagnosed with mesothelioma in New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana, your doctor will refer you to a hospital specializing in cancer treatment, where patients facing the disease will work with top-flight oncologists and others who specialize in treating cancer.

While there aren’t specific mesothelioma treatment centers in Louisiana, many patients are eligible to participate in research that may be happening here or elsewhere around the country. Clinical trials and other mesothelioma treatment studies give researchers new insights and tools into how best to diagnose and treat mesothelioma. Your doctor can provide you with more specifics about ongoing research you may be eligible to participate in.

If you are a veteran who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma in Louisiana, you have access to mesothelioma specialists throughout the VA network of hospitals, all across the country. In addition, the VA has a claims process for veterans whose asbestos exposure occurred as a result of their service. Our team can help you access all the resources that the VA has to offer veterans with mesothelioma in Louisiana.

When you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma anywhere in Louisiana, you need to know that you’ll have everything you need to get the best treatments for mesothelioma available. Travel costs, uninsured medical expenses, and other hidden costs can make it difficult to take advantage of mesothelioma treatments.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we work with people from all over Louisiana who are fighting this deadly disease, and we make sure they and their families are protected. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 to speak to a Louisiana mesothelioma attorney absolutely free.

While mesothelioma can affect people of any age, in Louisiana, most mesothelioma patients are older and often live on a fixed income. When it comes to paying for mesothelioma treatments, including travel costs to cancer centers that focus on asbestos-related cancers like mesothelioma, insurance and Medicare may not be enough.

For folks in New Orleans and elsewhere in the state that are facing a mesothelioma diagnosis, appropriate healthcare administered by qualified oncologists is not optional. Some individuals and their family members may have access to established compensation funds if exposure can be linked to particular companies and work sites.

Veterans can submit claims to the VA that will entitle them to help both with accessing mesothelioma specialists throughout the VA system, and helping to pay for the out of pocket costs that people on fixed incomes with mesothelioma may not be able to easily afford.

But even with these sources available, many people are ineligible for help from them, or have expenses above and beyond what they offer. That’s where an experienced team of mesothelioma attorneys can help you.

How Attorneys Can Help With The Cost Of Mesothelioma Treatment

We know where to find the resources that are available and how to help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation from the existing pool of mesothelioma funds.

And where you’ve suffered uncompensated injuries from employers, we can help recover damages that can make a big difference for you as you seek the very best mesothelioma treatment available.

If you’re on a fixed income and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma in New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana, call The Gertler Law Firm today at (504) 581-6411 and let us help you find the tools you need to fight back.

In modern medicine, a simple blood test can be used to diagnose a variety of ailments and give doctors definitive evidence of particular conditions.

While blood tests are used by doctors to help diagnose mesothelioma, mesothelioma blood tests typically only provide additional evidence as part of a broader diagnostic panel. Biopsies and imaging technologies continue to be the mainstay diagnostic tools in detecting mesothelioma in Louisiana.

That doesn’t mean that blood tests don’t have value for patients at higher risk of developing mesothelioma, such as people who worked at asbestos-contaminated worksites. A variety of mesothelioma blood tests exist, with varying degrees of accuracy and availability.

But the most trusted by healthcare professionals today is the MESOMARK assay. The MESOMARK assay is sensitive to a particular protein that the body releases in the presence of mesothelioma cells.

The MESOMARK blood test can provide enormous advantages to patients in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, not all mesothelioma tumors produce the protein that MESOMARK tests for, and there are other cancers that can produce the same elevated protein, so a blood test alone can’t tell you or your doctor with absolute certainty whether you have mesothelioma cells in your body.

Still, blood tests for mesothelioma are a promising diagnostic technology that is beginning to come into its own. While their use today is primarily as an adjunct to other tools, researchers are constantly working to develop new and better techniques that can be applied to simple, non-invasive approaches that can help catch mesothelioma in its earliest states and radically alter the course of treatment and a patient’s prognosis.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we connect people in Louisiana who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma to the resources they need to fight the disease. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans, Louisiana mesothelioma attorney.

When you and your doctor suspect a mesothelioma diagnosis, it will be your physician’s job to refer you to a mesothelioma specialist in your area.

Most often, this means diagnostics and treatment at a cancer center near you, which can still mean substantial travel costs for many people in our state.

Many people in Louisiana may have access to mesothelioma specialists beyond their local cancer center. Depending on your insurance plan and your financial situation, you may be able to receive care from other mesothelioma specialists at different treatment centers.

Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental health insurance policies all have different requirements and coverage allowances. Our team can help you understand your options and develop strategies to expand them.

Veterans may also have additional access to mesothelioma specialists throughout the VA system, especially when their asbestos exposure is service-related.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we can help you file a claim with the VA that can open doors to a wide network of cancer and mesothelioma specialists, clinical trials, and more.

VA claims for mesothelioma treatment require prompt handling, and we can make sure that your claim is fully prepared and processed as quickly as possible.

However you approach your treatment, what is most important is that you have the resources to take advantage of the best mesothelioma specialists available to you, in Louisiana or elsewhere.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we work closely with all our clients to figure out their goals and connect them to funds, programs, and mesothelioma specialist networks that can protect their families and prolong their lives.

Call us today at 504-355-0057 for a free consultation with an experienced mesothelioma attorney.

As much as the headlines may trumpet falling rates of uninsured people, as many as 750,000 people are still unable to access or afford insurance in our state. If you’ve been diagnosed with a difficult disease like mesothelioma and don’t have health insurance to cover the costs of treatment, don’t lose hope.

Louisiana hospitals and cancer treatment centers typically have programs available to help uninsured patients access the mesothelioma care they need. Once you are diagnosed, you may also be eligible for certain benefits and programs that were not open to you before.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers, and most people who’ve suffered illnesses as a result of asbestos were exposed in the workplace.

Louisiana is home to many sites that are known to have caused significant pain and suffering through years or decades of contamination with asbestos. Many military specialties were also the source of significant asbestos exposure until recent decades.

Both private companies and the Veterans Administration are responsible when employees or former employees or former service members sustain injuries from their time with the organization.

Many private companies have established asbestos trust funds to help injured employees facing mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. Veterans with asbestos-related diseases linked to their time in the service are eligible for additional benefits.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we know that Louisiana families dealing with mesothelioma have more to focus on than how they pay their doctors. We can help connect you to the resources you need to fight mesothelioma and protect your family for the long haul.

Call us today at (504) 581-6411 and speak to an experienced Louisiana mesothelioma attorney today.