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Mesothelioma Attorney For Bayou Steel Corporation Employees Exposed To Asbestos

Louisiana has a surprisingly high rate of mesothelioma cancer, due to the particular industries our state has relied on as economic engines over the last half century.

In the case of the Bayou Steel Corporation mill in LaPlace, the facility itself was constructed with and depended on asbestos insulation to protect components and people from the risk of fire.

Applications would have included direct insulation over furnaces, as well as less obvious parts, like floor and ceiling tiles and furniture in the plant.

Even safety equipment in earlier days often had asbestos fibers woven into them.

Whether through damage to components or normal wear and tear, asbestos is a serious risk to human health.

Before the 1970s and 1980s, when stronger regulations came into effect, people routinely worked in environments contaminated with a fine dust of asbestos fibers.

Lawsuit Compensation and Benefits for Workers of Bayou Steel Corporation Who Have Been Diagnosed With Or Died From Mesothelioma

When these are breathed in, as many workers in Bayou Steel Corporation’s LaPlace facility would have, the fibers can become lodged in the tissues of the lungs.

Over many years, these fine irritants can cause nearby cells to turn cancerous. When the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or other body cavity or organ develops tumors, the condition is known as mesothelioma.

There is only one cause of mesothelioma in adults, which is exposure to asbestos.

If you’ve retired from Bayou Steel Corporation in LaPlace, Louisiana and developed mesothelioma, you can almost certainly trace your asbestos exposure to your work experience.

When you’ve been injured on the job – even when the injury takes decades to develop – you have rights to compensation.

When the injury is something as serious as mesothelioma, you must take steps to protect yourself and your family.

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