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Does The VA Only Compensate Veterans For Mesothelioma, Or Are Other Asbestos-Related Diseases Covered As Well?

The VA recognizes a number of cancers and other diseases that can be related to asbestos exposure.

The standards of evidence for conditions other than mesothelioma and asbestosis are slightly different, as these two diseases are solely caused by asbestos exposure.

When a veteran with a history of service-related asbestos exposure develops cancer of the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, larynx, pharynx, bronchus, bladder, pleura, or peritoneum, they may be eligible for VA benefits exclusively dedicated to those who were exposed to asbestos.

Aside from cancers, the VA also recognizes a variety of other conditions, including fibrosis, tumors, pleural plaques, and pleural effusions as having a link to asbestos exposure.


To gain access to the VA benefits available to veterans who experienced asbestos exposure in the service, documentary evidence is required, including a doctor declaring that the illness was caused by asbestos.

Drafting a thorough, comprehensive application that details your work history, time in the service, where you were stationed, and the specific jobs you did can be a complex task.

Submitting a complete and compelling claim the first time can save you time and headache by avoiding an appeals process if your claim is rejected.

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