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Can I File An Asbestos Claim If My Loved One Died Soon After Being Diagnosed With Mesothelioma In New Orleans?

Yes, in a case like yours, there are several approaches that can help you get justice and the compensation your family deserves when a loved one has died of mesothelioma.

Because the disease is often diagnosed when it is already very advanced, the prognosis can be grim and the victim’s life expectancy quite short.

In general, a person has 12 months in which to seek a claim for asbestos exposure that led to mesothelioma, but that time frame extends further in certain circumstances.

Aside from seeking compensation for mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, your family may also wish to consider a wrongful death lawsuit for mesothelioma.


Cases where a victim has died can be extremely complex and you’ll benefit from working with an experienced mesothelioma lawyer in New Orleans.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we were the first in the state to obtain a judgment in a case linking asbestos to mesothelioma, and we’ve helped many New Orleans families in the decades since.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced and compassionate mesothelioma lawyer.