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Is Asbestos Still Used In Products That I Might Encounter In New Orleans?

Unfortunately, yes, there are still opportunities to encounter asbestos in a limited number of materials, including automotive brake pads and clutches.

If you enjoy tackling routine maintenance on your car on your own, you should strongly consider investing in respiratory protection, particularly when replacing brakes or clutches.

Microscopic asbestos fibers will become airborne while you’re doing the work, which means that without a filter between you and the contaminated environment, you will inhale some of them.


Because so many homes and businesses built in the area are older, there are actually countless places in your day to day life where asbestos likely remains.

A few years ago, a business owner in Pineville, Louisiana, was caught burning asbestos shingles after his company did work on the local police station.

As the shingles are broken down in the fire, asbestos fibers, which are highly fire resistant, can be liberated and carried away in the breeze, potentially poisoning everyone downwind for a significant distance.

The business owner was sentenced to five years of hard labor, which the judge suspended, but he was hit with heavy fines and, because this was his second offense of illegally disposing of waste, he was put on probation for three years.


Plenty of other older household materials included asbestos, including sheetrock, insulation, ductwork, fixtures, and even paint.

If you’re planning a DIY project in your home, make sure to take adequate precautions.

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