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What Happens If I Die Before My Mesothelioma Lawsuit In New Orleans Is Over?

Tragically, many patients with mesothelioma are only diagnosed once the disease is quite advanced.

While therapies exist that can increase longevity and quality of life, for too many families confronting mesothelioma, they are racing against a clock.

When it comes to a lawsuit or other claim for mesothelioma compensation, your lawyers will take these factors into account as they decide with you how best to tackle your case.

In the event that you do die before your case is fully resolved, your estate will act in your place, and any award or settlement you receive will be divided among your survivors.

Family members may also choose to pursue a wrongful death suit in certain cases.

Mesothelioma is a dangerous and deadly disease, and one that you deserve all possible resources to fight against and to protect your family’s well being in the future.

The Gertler Law Firm was the first Louisiana firm to win a judgment in a mesothelioma case related to asbestos exposure, and we have more than three decades of experience in helping families like yours.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer.