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Do Dog Bite Lawsuits Take Years In New Orleans?

While there’s no set time frame for a legal action to play out, in the vast majority of cases, dog bite lawsuits are resolved in a matter of months, and usually without either party having to go to court.

Typically, when a dog bites a person, the dog’s owner’s homeowner or renter’s insurance is responsible for reimbursing the injured person or, in the case of children, their family for expenses related to the bite.

There are also considerations made for pain and suffering, any future medical costs for dog bite injuries that may be incurred, and things like lost wages from time missed at work.

Studies show that individuals who seek compensation on their own tend to recover only 10-15% of their potential award, while those who work with an experienced dog bite attorney are more likely to recover 70-80% of their true costs.

Even after attorney’s fees are factored in, the difference can be thousands of dollars or more.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog in New Orleans, you should be able to receive just compensation for your injuries in a period of months, not years.

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