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Won’t It Take Years To Collect On A Motorcycle Accident Case In New Orleans?

It’s extremely unlikely that a motorcycle accident case in New Orleans would take years to resolve, but it is true that some cases are more complex than others.

There are elements of liability that have to be determined, as Louisiana is a state where both parties involved in a motorcycle accident may share liability, which can affect the size of the ultimate award.

Additionally, some cases begin with incorrect police reports that misstated eyewitness accounts or reflect a misunderstanding of what police are seeing at the scene.

In other cases, a person may have previous injuries that an insurance company can use as a basis to fight giving you fair compensation.

The fact is that every motorcycle accident injury case will have details that require an experienced attorney to present in the most compelling way.

While most injury cases are resolved in a matter of months, if you have concerns about the timeframe in which your case may play out, the team at The Gertler Law Firm can help you realistically assess the issues and understand the probabilities.

All of our initial consultations are free, and require no obligation from you.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident in New Orleans, don’t wait to get the legal help you need.

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