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A New Orleans Nursing Home Is Telling Me That My Relative Is Falling Down A Lot. Could This Be A Sign Of Elder Abuse In The Home?

It’s always a source of concern if there are indications that an elderly relative’s health status is changing, especially when they are in residential care.

The first thing to do in situations where your loved one seems to be having greater problems with mobility and falling down is talk to them.

Does your relative agree that they are simply falling more often?

Ask how the staff in the home has responded to falls, and how quickly.

Find out if there are specific activities triggering falls, such as vertigo or lightheadedness when first rising from bed or standing after sitting.

You may learn valuable information that can help with the problem in the future, or you may decide that it’s time to see a doctor to make sure nothing serious is going on.

More rarely, and more worryingly, you may realize that your relative is experiencing neglect or abuse by nursing home staff.

If that’s going on, it’s imperative that you take steps right away to protect your loved one and all residents in the nursing home.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we protect our most vulnerable citizens from abuse by the powerful.

When we learn of elder abuse in a nursing home facility, we act swiftly to ensure that your loved one is safe, secure, and receiving the highest level of care.

Nursing homes are legally and morally obligated to treat their residents with respect and compassion, and when they violate that obligation, they must be held accountable.

There are laws that protect residents of nursing home facilities.

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