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Who Is Liable If A Staff Person At A Nursing Home In New Orleans Is Abusive To Residents?

Liability in nursing home abuse cases typically falls onto the nursing home itself, though it’s also possible for individual staff people to be personally liable, both in civil and criminal court.

Employees of nursing homes have obligations to the home’s residents that are codified in the law, and nursing homes have an oversight obligation when it comes to the people they employ, starting with properly vetting potential hires, properly training new hires, and monitoring performance during their employment.

Nursing homes that create a culture where signs of an out of control staffer are not being reported can face significant penalties.

The most important thing is to make sure that you or your loved one in a nursing home in New Orleans are safe and are receiving the level of care required.

Wherever liability may fall, you should take action right away to stop abusive conditions in a nursing home, which rarely affect only a single resident.

Our seniors deserve better, and it’s up to us to protect them.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we’ve helped people in New Orleans for 30 years, and we can help make sure that your loved one in nursing home care is safe, secure, and protected from further abuse.

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