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What Compensation Can I Recover If I’ve Been Hurt In A Motorcycle Accident In New Orleans?

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic events that lead to permanent disabilities, and even death.

When a person gets hurt while riding a motorcycle, it’s important that they or a family member act quickly in the aftermath to consult with an injury attorney in New Orleans and begin the process of identifying the specific damages involved.

Your attorney will then help you negotiate with insurers, or file a claim in court, to recover losses like:

● Medical expenses, both current and future. In many instances, people suffer head or spinal injuries in motorcycle accidents and may have lifelong expenses that stem from the accident.

● Lost wages, as a category, may be a modest amount of money reflecting days or weeks lost during recovery, or it may represent all future earnings for people who lose the ability to return to work after a motorcycle accident.

● Pain and suffering is applicable in many cases, and may be related to long-term disabilities, loss of mobility, and related issues.

● Mental anguish that you and your family are facing as you adapt to a new, post-accident ‘normal’ is also recoverable after a motorcycle accident.

● Loss of consortium occurs when the injuries from a motorcycle accident impact the normal comforts of a marriage, and can be compensated under Louisiana law.

Insurers will often try to get an injured person or their loved ones to quickly sign off on a settlement offer that is inadequate to their real expenses.

Protect your rights and your family’s future. Call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans motorcycle accident attorney.