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How Do I Show That My Loved One Is Being Neglected In a New Orleans Nursing Home?

While indications of abuse in a nursing home can be starkly clear, signs of neglect of your loved one in a nursing home may be less obvious.

In general, nursing home neglect in New Orleans is defined as a failure to provide appropriate care or supervision of a nursing home resident.

Neglect can result in injuries, as when a resident’s request for assistance isn’t answered and they fall trying to help themselves out of bed.

Neglect may also manifest in less clear ways, such as a decline in your loved one’s level of hygiene.

Other indicators can include a changed health status from underuse of prescription medication, or a general lack of cleanliness or upkeep in the facility itself.

Neglect or elder abuse in a nursing home setting is never tolerable, and may just be the first layer of even more significant violations.

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