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What Rights Does My Loved One Have When They Live In A Nursing Home In New Orleans?

Louisiana’s Residents’ Bill of Rights reaffirms the basic civil and religious liberties that all Americans enjoy, regardless of their health status or living situation.

Additionally, the Residents’ Bill of Rights specifies the right of nursing home residents to access elected officials, state health authorities, and immediate family members.

The resident’s right to make autonomous financial decisions, to present grievances, and to be properly cared for are all specified.

The Residents’ Bill of Rights isn’t the only resource that protects New Orleans nursing home residents.

As a condition of a nursing home’s participation in Medicare, its residents have a right to be free from verbal, physical, mental, or sexual abuse.

Nursing homes may not physically or chemically restrain a resident except when such restraint is a treatment for a medical condition.

Protecting our loved ones who have moved into nursing homes is critical.

If you believe your loved one’s rights are being violated by a nursing home facility, or suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home facility, contact The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411.

We can help you understand your loved one’s rights, what signs to watch for, and what to do in cases of nursing home abuse or neglect.