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Are Nursing Homes In New Orleans Liable If A Visitor Is Injured While Spending Time With A Resident?

Yes, a nursing home facility in New Orleans can be held liable for damages if a visitor to the home is injured on the premises.

This would probably not be pursued as a nursing home abuse or neglect case, but under standard personal injury or negligence rules in state courts.

A nursing home that creates unsafe conditions that result in a slip and fall or similar injury would be liable under the same concepts that any other premises would under those circumstances.

Personal injury cases are common, and when the injuries result in significant losses, are worth being pursued in court.

Injured parties in New Orleans are eligible to recover a variety of expenses, including medical bills and future medical bills, lost wages associated with the incident, compensation for pain and suffering, and in egregious cases, punitive damage awards to punish the nursing home itself.

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