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My Loved One Is Afraid To Report Abusive Conditions In A New Orleans Nursing Home. What Can I Do?

One of the big problems in abusive nursing home situations is that residents may fear for their safety or may fear being evicted from the home if they report a staff person or alert authorities to the problems.

While in New Orleans, nursing homes are prohibited by law from retaliating against residents who report abuse, that can be cold comfort to a frightened loved one in a stressful situation where they may feel powerless.

A nursing home resident should never live in fear of the staff or the facility itself, and the State of Louisiana has regulatory organizations that take claims of nursing home abuse and neglect very seriously, and advance investigations promptly.

Typically, the resident or a loved one is expected to notify the administration of the home, who will then notify regulators, but some cases may need to be approached differently.

If a staff person or the policies of a nursing home itself have caused your loved one in residential care to suffer, we want to help.

It’s unlikely that the abuse is affecting only your loved one, so for the protection of everyone in the facility’s care, take action right away.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we take seriously our society’s debt to our elders, and work tirelessly to protect vulnerable people who are being mistreated by those charged with their care.

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