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How Long Does A Dog Bite Case Take In New Orleans?

Lawsuits can be unpredictable, so there’s no one answer to how long a type of case might take.

In the majority of cases that are filed, the at-fault party’s insurance company settles out of court, and relief can often be had in a matter of weeks or months.

Sometimes the at-fault party or their insurer will fight the case, which can stretch the timeline considerably.

When it comes to any legal action you may be considering after a dog bite, it’s best to meet with an experienced injury attorney to talk through the facts of your case and determine the best way forward.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we have three decades of experience helping people who’ve been bitten by dogs in New Orleans recover damages and regain their lives.

Our attorneys are experts in the issues around dog bites, and can help you understand your current and future status and what may be required down the road.

Since the majority of dog bites happen to children, future medical expenses may be a paramount concern.

If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog in New Orleans, don’t wait for important deadlines to pass you by.

Call The Gertler Law Firm today at 504-581-6411 and talk to an experienced New Orleans dog bite attorney for free.