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Who Should I File A Report With If My Child Has Been Bitten By A Dog In New Orleans?

If your child has been injured by a dog in New Orleans, first seek medical attention for your child.

Once that’s handled, reach out to local police and the SPCA, which handles animal control for Orleans Parish.

You can file a police report even if you don’t know who the animal’s owner is, and police can assist in investigating and determining whether there’s a responsible party in the matter.

Depending on the nature of the injuries, it may be beneficial to consult with an experienced New Orleans dog bite attorney as well.

You may be eligible to recover damages from a negligent dog owner, including for your child’s hospital or medical bills, wages lost dealing with the dog bite and its aftermath, and future medical costs that may be associated with the incident.

You may also be able to collect for your child’s pain and suffering, and to have so-called punitive fines attached for a dog owner whose negligence or recklessness is beyond the pale.

Don’t take chances with your child’s future when they’ve been injured by a dog.

Properly assessing the facts of your case is the only way you can know the best path forward, and that’s what The Gertler Law Firm is here to do.

We can help you evaluate your matter and make the best decisions possible for your family and your child.

Call us today at 504-581-6411 and talk to a New Orleans dog bite attorney for free.