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A Car Turned Left In Front Of Me And I Hit It While Riding My Motorcycle In New Orleans. Isn’t The Driver At Fault?

In most cases, a driver making a left turn is considered to have caused a resulting accident.

When a motorcycle collides with a car in that situation, the rider is usually able to pursue damage claims for a variety of losses.

These can include damages to the motorcycle, hospital and medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and anticipated future medical costs related to the accident.

There are exceptions though, which can have a significant impact on your ability to collect.

If the police believe that you were operating your motorcycle at a high rate of speed going into the accident, or if there’s evidence that you ran a red light or a stop sign, you’ll need an attorney to carefully evaluate your case.

However, there are circumstances where you can file a lawsuit after your motorcycle accident even if both drivers were ticketed.

Many cases that involve an injured party were largely determined by police on the scene while you may have been unconscious or were being transported in an ambulance.

Witness statements, especially by the driver of the car, may be inaccurate and require careful investigation.

In any case where you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, it’s beneficial to consult an attorney for a full view of the kind of case you can make.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we know that situations like this are extremely challenging for injured people, and we make all of our initial consultations entirely free, so there’s no risk to you for clear advice from a knowledgeable accident attorney.

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