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Does A “Beware Of Dog” Sign Protect The Owner When Their Dog Has Bitten Someone In New Orleans?

A “Beware of Dog” sign may provide some protection for a dog owner whose pet has bitten someone in New Orleans.

The specific facts of your case will have to be evaluated to determine whether the sign alone would shield the owner from the dog’s actions.

There are cases where the sign indicates that the owner is aware that their dog is dangerous and makes a finding of negligence or recklessness more likely.

An experienced dog bite attorney will be able to give you the most full accounting of the specifics of your case, and help you decide what strategy to pursue after a dog bite.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we’ve helped people in New Orleans cut through the confusion and take action and sue after a dog bite, for 30 years.

We’ve recovered more than $100 million in damage awards and settlements for our clients.

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