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If I Accept A Settlement In A Motorcycle Accident case In New Orleans, Can I Sue Later If I Develop New Problems Or Expenses?

Generally, no, if you accept a settlement from an insurance company in relation to a motorcycle accident in New Orleans, your right to pursue action later is gone.

This is why it’s so important that you work with an experienced accident and injury attorney to evaluate the facts of your case and ensure that any agreement you sign on to with an insurance company truly reflects the real costs you have and will incur from the accident.

Many medical issues that stem directly from a motorcycle accident are not clear in the short term.

Chronic pain conditions can be masked by the immediate injuries you’re facing, and their effects and scope may not be known for some time.

People injured in motorcycle accidents are often dealing with long-term recovery, including pain management regimens, which can hide neurological symptoms.

When you settle your motorcycle accident case with an insurance company, you’ll be required to sign waivers that free them from further pay-outs to you.

An experienced New Orleans motorcycle accident attorney can give you a thorough review of your costs and your likely future medical costs, and negotiate for the best settlement amount available.

If the insurer won’t budge and your case has to be argued in court, a lawyer is a necessity for your claims to get the best presentation possible to the judge and jury.

Don’t agree to a settlement in a motorcycle accident case without getting a comprehensive review of the factors from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we’ve helped injured people in New Orleans for more than 30 years, and recovered more than $100,000,000 in damage awards and settlements for our clients.

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