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The Insurance Company Said I Didn’t Need A Lawyer After My Motorcycle Accident In New Orleans, But I Think I Do. Can You Help?

Unfortunately, insurance companies know that if they can keep you from talking to a lawyer, they’re likely be able to persuade you to take less than you’re entitled to in an insurance settlement after a motorcycle accident in New Orleans.

They’ll offer you a low-ball figure that probably won’t accommodate your present or future needs, along with a waiver that, once you sign it, will prevent you from taking legal action against them down the road.

Don’t fall prey to unscrupulous insurance company representatives. Before you meet with representatives from an insurance company, or sign forms they send you, consult with an experienced New Orleans motorcycle accident attorney.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we can help you calculate the true costs of an accident, and negotiate an appropriate amount with the insurance company after an accident.

Protect your rights by calling 504-581-6411 and talk to a lawyer for free.