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What Type Of Damages Are Compensated For In Nursing Home Abuse Cases In New Orleans?

Lawsuit Attorney For Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Cases In New Orleans

In cases of nursing home abuse or neglect, residents are entitled to an array of potential remedies, including damage awards for injuries and losses suffered.

In general, a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect can expect compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, any anticipated future medical expenses related to chronic issues or disfigurement from the abuse, and in some cases, punitive damages meant to disincentivize a corporate culture that allows such conduct.

As a society, we cannot ever tolerate the abuse and neglect of our elders whose care is entrusted to professionals.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we help victims of nursing home abuse in New Orleans learn their legal options and map out the appropriate strategies to protect your loved one, and all other residents in the home’s care.

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