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How Do I Prove That A Dog Owner Could Have Prevented A Dog Bite Incident In New Orleans?

Dog bite cases are different from other types of animal bites in New Orleans, in that there is no requirement to prove negligence on the part of the dog owner.

Injured parties in cases like yours don’t have to prove to the court that the owner of knew of the risk, or should have known of the risk, that the dog posed. This concept is known as “strict liability” and makes it challenging for dog owners to defend cases where their pets have bitten someone.

To prevail, the owner will generally have to show that the victim provoked the dog in some way. Absent that, there is a good chance your case can move forward with a favorable outcome to you. We can help you receive compensation for a dog bite injury you or a loved one have suffered.

The Gertler Law Firm is one of New Orleans’s most experienced accident and injury practices, and in our 35 years of operation, we’ve helped clients here recover more than $100 million in damages from lawsuits and settlements.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in New Orleans, talk to an experienced dog bite attorney for free by calling 504-581-6411 today.