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If My Loved One In A Nursing Home In New Orleans Suffered A Fall, Should I Worry About Nursing Home Abuse?

The signs of nursing home abuse or neglect aren’t always obvious.

A loved one who displays confusion or changed mental state should raise flags for possible inappropriate use of medication or dehydration.

When a loved one in nursing home care in New Orleans suffers a fall, you should investigate the matter carefully. Any indication of force must be dealt with, but it’s important to learn how and where staff were when the incident occurred and as many specifics as possible.

In a nursing home facility where residents routinely suffer injuries from apparently innocuous events, residents may be experiencing an inadequate level of care, or neglect, rather than outright abuse.

There are state agencies that should be notified when you worry about abuse or neglect in nursing homes in New Orleans.

The Gertler Law Firm is extremely experienced in helping to ensure that your loved one is getting the level of care you expect and they deserve, and that injuries sustained through abuse or neglect are fully compensated for.

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