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What Agencies Should I Contact If I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse Against My Loved One In New Orleans?

If you have observed evidence of nursing home abuse or neglect in New Orleans, you should contact the Health Standards Section, which monitors licensed nursing homes in the state.

Health Standards Section investigators will be responsible for following up on reports of abuse, which can result in significant consequences to the home if they are substantiated.

You have legal recourse when a loved one has been victimized by abuse or neglect in a nursing home, and your loved one may be entitled to compensation, including medical costs, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

The most important thing is protecting your loved one and making sure that no residents in the nursing home are subject to abuse or neglect by staff.

The Gertler Law Firm is experienced in nursing home abuse lawsuit cases, and we can help you ensure that your loved one stays safe and secure.

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