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How Do I Pay For The Treatment Of Mesothelioma In Lousiana?

Helping Mesothelioma Victims and Their Families In Louisiana and Across The Country

This question is one of the first questions we get when meeting with an individual that has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma.  And it’s a legitimate question because the medical costs will be significant and you certainly do not want to burden your family with these costs.

The actual diagnosis and medical treatment for mesothelioma is just the start.  If you add on support services and long term care, the costs are even greater.

And if you’re not able to work because of the disease, or have already retired, your options to pay for all of this becomes even more limited.  If you have no insurance, even obtaining medical treatment will be difficult.

That’s why meeting with a mesothelioma attorney as soon you’re diagnosed is so important…. because they can help.

Here’s a brief overview of what we discuss regarding how a person diagnosed with mesothelioma can pay for their treatment.

  1. If you’re employed and have an individual or group health plan, one of the first things you should do is talk with a representative of your health plan so you know what treatment and care is covered.  Medical Plans across the state, and across the country, vary quite a bit in regard to what type of treatments are covered, how long you can stay in a hospital, and co-pays.  Some plans even offer some type of home care services. So one of the first calls we can help with is finding out what coverage you have.
  2. If you are 65 years old, or are disabled, Medicare might be able to offer medical benefits.  Additionally, many people on Medicare have some sort of supplemental insurance that covers what Medicare doesn’t.  And some on Medicare might also be eligible for Medicaid.  We often get involved in helping investigate this coverage for our clients as well.
  3. And lastly, we urge any individual that has been diagnosed with mesothelioma to file a claim as soon as possible.  And that can only be accomplished with the help of an attorney.  By filing a claim as soon after diagnosis as possible, financial compensation might be available to mesothelioma patients and their families.  This compensation is paid directly by asbestos manufacturers and is one way to limit the financial burdens of mesothelioma treatment.

If you live in Louisiana, have worked in the state in the past, or even live in another state, and have learned that you have mesothelioma, please contact the Mesothelioma Lawyers with the Gertler Firm at (504) 581-6411 or 1-855-GERTLER if your call is long distance.

We’ll take the time to answer all your questions…. and we’ll likely ask you a few questions as well.  And if we can help you and your family, we will do all we can in that regard.

To find out a little more about how we handle a mesothelioma lawsuit in Louisiana – or any other state for that matter, click here.