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How To Pay For Mesothelioma Treatment In Louisiana With A Limited Income

While mesothelioma can affect people of any age, in Louisiana, most mesothelioma patients are older and often live on a fixed income. When it comes to paying for mesothelioma treatments, including travel costs to cancer centers that focus on asbestos-related cancers like mesothelioma, insurance and Medicare may not be enough.

For folks in New Orleans and elsewhere in the state that are facing a mesothelioma diagnosis, appropriate healthcare administered by qualified oncologists is not optional. Some individuals and their family members may have access to established compensation funds if exposure can be linked to particular companies and work sites.

Veterans can submit claims to the VA that will entitle them to help both with accessing mesothelioma specialists throughout the VA system, and helping to pay for the out of pocket costs that people on fixed incomes with mesothelioma may not be able to easily afford.

But even with these sources available, many people are ineligible for help from them, or have expenses above and beyond what they offer. That’s where an experienced team of mesothelioma attorneys can help you.

How Attorneys Can Help With The Cost Of Mesothelioma Treatment

We know where to find the resources that are available and how to help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation from the existing pool of mesothelioma funds.

And where you’ve suffered uncompensated injuries from employers, we can help recover damages that can make a big difference for you as you seek the very best mesothelioma treatment available.

If you’re on a fixed income and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma in New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana, call The Gertler Law Firm today at (504) 581-6411 and let us help you find the tools you need to fight back.