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Why Do Men Tend To Get Mesothelioma In Higher Numbers In New Orleans?

For most mesothelioma sufferers, the cause is exposure to asbestos decades before, usually through professions like construction, plumbing, shipbuilding, electrical work, or various military specialties. Because women were less likely to work in earlier decades, and much less likely to work in fields like those listed above, their risk of exposure tends to be less than for similarly aged men.

However, there are thousands of examples of women whose husbands came home in clothes contaminated by asbestos, who were then exposed and have later developed mesothelioma. It would be nice to think that women have been spared this disease, but the fact is that asbestos, once airborne, poses a risk to men, women, and children alike.

New Orleans and Louisiana generally have a number of sites that have been identified as dangerous asbestos environments, and people who worked there in earlier decades are known to be at higher risk for developing asbestos-related cancers. Their families are at higher risk as well, and the link for older people and their families who are sick today is almost always the toxic exposure they experienced by working with asbestos before its health effects were known. While men represent the majority of mesothelioma sufferers in New Orleans and Louisiana today, their wives and children continue to live with the shadow of asbestos exposure, and we’ve worked with many families who have multiple sufferers based on long ago jobs in high risk fields.

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