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Are All Malignant Mesotheliomas Caused by Asbestos Exposure in Louisiana?

Yes, when an adult develops malignant mesothelioma in Louisiana, it is assumed to be caused by asbestos exposure.

There have been cases where young children have developed mesothelioma of unknown origin, but it is well established that the disease course in adults is caused by small fibers of asbestos that have been inhaled or accidentally swallowed, typically as a result of workplace contamination. Over many years, these small fibers can cause irritation to a number of body areas, which can result in cancerous tumors along the linings of organs, or even infiltration of the organs themselves with cancerous cells.

Malignancy is when a tumor in the body is cancerous, and has the potential to grow and spread. This can happen several ways, and often occurs via multiple pathways at once.

If a mesothelioma tumor is undiagnosed and therefore not treated, it will simply continue to grow. In this case, a tumor that grows along the lining of the lungs may ultimately invade the lining of the heart, spread into the throat, or move into the abdominal cavity or its lining.

When cancers spread, they are said to have metastasized from their original site.

Another way that mesothelioma can metastasize is through the normal circulation systems of the body. Cancer cells that enter the bloodstream can invade other body systems, including the brain.

The lymphatic system, which works to remove damaged or diseased tissue, can also move live cancer cells from an origin site into the lymph nodes, where they can spread widely.

What all these have in common is a cause: exposure to asbestos, usually at a contaminated worksite.

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