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Is There Such A Thing As “Second Hand Asbestos Exposure” That Causes Mesothelioma In Louisiana?

Yes, much like the non-smoking family members of smokers, those who lived in a home with someone who experienced asbestos exposure were themselves often exposed to a dangerous carcinogen. Typically, these cases include the wives and children of industrial workers in Louisiana, such as shipbuilders, construction personnel, and other jobs and work sites that had a high exposure risk.

When the family member came home from work and sat down on the couch, asbestos fibers could embed into the furniture. When they sat down to the table for dinner without changing clothes, passing dishes around the table could shake asbestos free of sleeves, making it airborne and breathable by everyone in the room. On laundry day, a spouse or child would likely handle a number of contaminated items, shaking asbestos fibers loose and breathing them in.

Second hand asbestos exposure has been responsible for numerous asbestos-related cancers and diseases. Even though the victim may not have a direct occupational link to asbestos, many have received compensation for their injuries after diagnosis, giving them the resources to fight their disease and protect their families for the long term.

As the relative of a worker whose job brought asbestos into your home, you have options for getting the help you need, and the compensation you deserve. At the Gertler Law Firm, we help Louisiana families as they cope with the effects of asbestos exposure, whether directly or as a second hand matter. Get the help you need to fight mesothelioma in Louisiana. Call the Gertler Law Firm today at (504) 581-6411 and talk to an experienced New Orleans asbestos exposure attorney for free.