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Are There Free Options For Medical Care To Treat Mesothelioma In New Orleans or Elsewhere In Louisiana?

It’s an unfortunate truth that for many people in New Orleans and Louisiana, health insurance remains unaffordable, or that sick people find out too late that the plan they have is inadequate to achieve the kind of care they require. When that happens to people suffering from mesothelioma from toxic exposure to asbestos, you have a right to know your options.

Free Healthcare For Mesothelioma Victims That Are Military Veterans

First, many veterans of America’s armed services are in a high-risk group for mesothelioma, and may have access to VA care. Mesothelioma is recognized as a service-related illness by the Veterans Administration. Eligible veterans are entitled to see cancer specialists throughout the VA system, including mesothelioma specialists, and may be eligible for inclusion in clinical trials where cutting edge treatments and procedures can make a difference. Veterans with mesothelioma are also entitled to full disability compensation, and their families will be entitled to compensation if the disease proves fatal.

Free Health Care For Mesothelioma Patients In Louisiana

For those who did not serve in the Armed Forces, or those whose exposure to asbestos happened at a different point in their career, there are still free options for medical care to treat mesothelioma and provide compensation for you and your family. Under the Affordable Care Act, subsidized or free private health insurance may be available to you, and you cannot be turned down based on your mesothelioma diagnosis, or any other preexisting condition. Louisiana’s Medicaid program is a public health program designed to facilitate healthcare options for low-income people in the state. Eligibility is complex, but the attorneys at the Gertler Law Firm can help ensure that you have the help you need to fight back against cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Attorneys In Louisiana That Can Help

When you’re fighting mesothelioma, get the best help on your side. From access to affordable healthcare in Louisiana for the treatment of mesothelioma, to a level of compensation that will protect your family in the years ahead, the Gertler Law Firm can give you all the options you’ll need. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana mesothelioma attorney.