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Clinical Trials For Mesothelioma Drugs in Louisiana

Because mesothelioma is an especially dangerous cancer that has a very high mortality rate, researchers are constantly searching for novel approaches to treat it. There are ongoing clinical trials for techniques like gene therapy and immunotherapy all the time, and many patients in Louisiana may be eligible to participate in some or all of these trials.

Eligibility requirements will vary widely, depending on the phase of the clinical trial (Phase I trials use a very small sample size, while Phase III trials can include hundreds or thousands of patients) and the specific effects being studied. Your mesothelioma specialist can help you understand the risks and potential benefits of the trials that are open right now, and connect you with a trial that may provide benefit to you.

As with all experimental treatments, there are risks to be considered. Clinical trials are sometimes only open to those for whom traditional treatments will offer little or no benefit. The type and stage of your mesothelioma cancer will be a factor, as will your overall health and whether you have other conditions that may make it difficult for researchers to draw conclusions about the effect of the treatment.

There may also be costs associated with joining a clinical trial, including travel costs and things like lab work, scans, and other incidentals.

At the Gertler Law Firm, we understand that your fight against mesothelioma is a fight for your life, and that lack of funds shouldn’t limit your ability to take advantage of every possible breakthrough.

When you face mesothelioma in Louisiana, call our experienced mesothelioma attorneys at (504) 581-6411 to learn how you can have all the resources you need to fight back against asbestos-caused cancer.