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How Can I Afford Mesothelioma Treatment When I’m Uninsured in Louisiana?

As much as the headlines may trumpet falling rates of uninsured people, as many as 750,000 people are still unable to access or afford insurance in our state. If you’ve been diagnosed with a difficult disease like mesothelioma and don’t have health insurance to cover the costs of treatment, don’t lose hope.

Louisiana hospitals and cancer treatment centers typically have programs available to help uninsured patients access the mesothelioma care they need. Once you are diagnosed, you may also be eligible for certain benefits and programs that were not open to you before.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers, and most people who’ve suffered illnesses as a result of asbestos were exposed in the workplace.

Louisiana is home to many sites that are known to have caused significant pain and suffering through years or decades of contamination with asbestos. Many military specialties were also the source of significant asbestos exposure until recent decades.

Both private companies and the Veterans Administration are responsible when employees or former employees or former service members sustain injuries from their time with the organization.

Many private companies have established asbestos trust funds to help injured employees facing mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. Veterans with asbestos-related diseases linked to their time in the service are eligible for additional benefits.

At The Gertler Law Firm, we know that Louisiana families dealing with mesothelioma have more to focus on than how they pay their doctors. We can help connect you to the resources you need to fight mesothelioma and protect your family for the long haul.

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