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How Difficult Is It To Prove Negligence In A Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Every wrongful death case is different, and every situation brings its own set of facts into play. In general, to prove negligence, a plaintiff must show that the other party failed to exercise a reasonable amount of care in the conduct of whatever actions are involved in the case.

Some instances can be relatively straightforward to prove. A drunk driver who causes a wreck that results in the death of another driver or passenger is negligent by the fact of being drunk and driving. Not only is this illegal, but it’s almost impossible to make the case that the drunk driver exercised a level of care in their decision making that would be considered reasonable.

In other wrongful death cases, it can be more difficult to show negligence. Because of the wide array of cases that The Gertler Law Firm handles for injured parties and their loved ones in New Orleans, we have an enormous amount of experience in isolating elements of a case that can indicate an unsafe workplace, or an unreasonable lack of care in a medical malpractice case, or other types of serious injury and wrongful death circumstances.

Our ability to analyze the details of a case at a deep level means that we can provide the highest quality legal representation when your family has lost a loved one due to the negligence of another.

When your family is suffering after a senseless, accidental death of a loved one, call The Gertler Law Firm at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans wrongful death attorney.