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My OB/GYN In New Orleans Should Have Known That Macrosomia Would Be An Issue In My Baby’s Delivery?

Your New Orleans OB/GYN should have evaluated your risk factors and attempted to assess whether your baby was large for its gestational age, a condition called macrosomia.

In cases where expectant mothers experience gestational diabetes, begin pregnancy obesity or gain excessive weight during the pregnancy, have a history of macrosomia, or have other risk factors for developing a baby who is too large to be delivered through the birth canal, ultrasounds can be used to estimate fetal size.

When macrosomia is suspected, nonstress tests are used to periodically monitor your baby’s health as your due date approaches.

When a baby is too large to fit through the mother’s birth canal, both mother and baby are at higher risk for injuries, including shoulder dystocia for the baby, and emergency C-section for the delivery.

If you displayed risk factors that your physician didn’t evaluate properly and you or your child experienced injury from macrosomia, you may have grounds to pursue compensation.

The Gertler Law Firm has some of the New Orleans’ most experienced attorneys focusing on medical malpractice and birth injury compensation related to macrosomia. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced New Orleans macrosomia injury attorney.