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Making Sure You Baby Has Everything He or She Needs After A Shoulder Dystocia Injury In The New Orleans Area

Difficult deliveries in New Orleans always carry a risk of injury to a newborn and its mother, and one of the more common complications of a delivery is Shoulder Dystocia, where the baby’s head is able to exit the birth canal, but one shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s public bone.

Because of the risk of compression of the umbilical cord, Shoulder Dystocia is an emergency that must be corrected quickly, otherwise there are risks of oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), which can lead to cerebral palsy and even more serious problems.

But in taking steps to assist the baby through the birth canal, additional injuries can result. Damage to the nerve cluster in the shoulder, called the brachial plexus, can cause conditions like Erb’s Palsy, which can leave your child’s arm paralyzed.

Expensive interventions like surgery or long term physical therapy may be required to regain some or all function, but not all children with Erb’s Palsy will regain use of their arm. There are lifelong ramifications for a child born with Erb’s Palsy.

Families dealing with birth injuries related to Shoulder Dystocia have every right to protect themselves and especially their child when it comes to the prospect of a lifetime of disability and medical costs.

The Gertler Law Firm helps families who’ve been injured when their healthcare team wasn’t prepared for a difficult delivery. Call us today at (504) 581-6411 and speak to an experienced New Orleans Shoulder Dystocia attorney to learn what your options are when your child has been injured.