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What Should I Do When My New Orleans Doctor Missed A Health Issue I Had Which Caused A Very Premature Birth?

Babies who are born prematurely face a high risk of complications from a variety of factors. For one, your newborn’s lungs may not yet be mature enough to deliver oxygen to their brain, creating the potential for brain damage and lifetime disability and developmental delays.

Pre-term babies’ hearts are also often immature, with persistent openings between the heart’s blood vessels. The condition, patent ductus arteriosus, can lead to heart failure.

For these reasons and many other potential pre-term complications, doctors are required by law to fully assess maternal health and take precautions to limit the risk of premature birth.

From bed rest orders, to sutures applied early in the pregnancy to maintain the integrity of the cervix, to drugs that can be administered when there are signs of pre-term labor, doctors have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to protect both mother and baby from the risks associated with premature birth.

When doctors fail to properly diagnose an underlying maternal health issue, the result can be an unnecessary premature birth and the dangers that come with it.

Because of the importance of proper diagnosis and planning for delivery, patients and their babies who have been harmed by medical errors and missed diagnoses may have a medical malpractice claim in New Orleans.

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