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Can I Make A Malpractice Claim For A Birth Injury When My Baby Suffered Brain Hypoxia During Delivery In The New Orleans Area?

If your baby suffered from oxygen deprivation, known as hypoxia, during delivery in New Orleans and you believe your physician either failed to act, or took incorrect steps to prevent or treat the situation, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

These cases are especially tragic when the victim of negligent or reckless healthcare practitioners are newborn babies, who may face a lifetime of disabilities or developmental delays as a result of carelessness during delivery.

At The Gertler Law Firm, our attorneys are birth injury and medical malpractice experts, and can fully evaluate the facts of your case to give you a true picture of your situation.

When we help parents with a birth injury in the New Orleans area, we know that we aren’t just representing you, but that we are also giving voice to your baby, and protecting others who may be under that doctor’s care from injury, as well.

When you have reason to believe that your doctor’s decisions caused hypoxia to your baby during delivery in New Orleans, call us at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation with an experienced birth injury and medical malpractice attorney.