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I Sustained Neck and Back Injuries From a Car Accident and Have Been Out of Work for Weeks. Can I File Suit For Lost Wages?

In many cases, you can. You will need to provide medical evidence from a medical doctor stating because of your injuries you cannot work.

However, there may be instances where injuries may cause permanent physical and functional limitations. For instance, now you can’t do the same job according to the doctor that you could do before the accident.

The question then becomes is there any work that you can do, and what is the difference in wages? Louisiana law provides you a claim for your loss. The court just doesn’t look at what you earned in the past, but also looks at your earning capacity, that is your ability to earn wages in the future.

Make sure you know your rights when you are presenting a loss wage claim after an auto accident. If you have questions about an auto accident, call the Gertler Law Firm at (504) 581-6411 for a free consultation.