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If I Was Using A Machine Just Like The Manufacturer Instructed And Was Injured, Can I Seek Compensation For My Injury?

When a New Orleans resident is injured while using a machine at work, whether he or she can recover any damages is governed under the Louisiana Products Liability Act. To recover damages under this act, the plaintiff must prove that the product was unreasonably dangerous in one of four ways: 1) construction or composition, 2) design, 3) inadequate warning, 4) or failure to conform with an express warranty.

When the manufacturer has indicated that a product is safe to use in a certain way and that turns out not to be the case, the injured party may be able to recover damages based on the product failing to comply with an express warranty. An express warranty is a verbal or written statement guaranteeing that the product will work in a certain way or that the product is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship.

Under the Louisiana Products Liability Act, a product is unreasonably dangerous based on a failure to conform to an express warranty if the express warranty induced a person to use the product, that person suffered a personal injury through use of the product, and that injury occurred because the express warranty was untrue. The design aspect or use of the product that is the subject of the express warranty must be the direct cause of the injury. If, for example, a product did not work as indicated by the express warranty, but the party was injured because he or she was using it in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, the injured person may not recover damages based on a violation of the express warranty.

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